Software Updates Bring New Functionality

August 10, 2017

Free software updates are now available for NSS evo2, NSO evo2, and GO XSE series displays. These updates add a range of new functions, including new “control bars” that make it easier to take control of your autopilot or audio entertainment system at a touch without sacrificing valuable sidebar space when they’re not in use. 

NSS evo2 displays and NSO evo2 systems also gain the new Heat Map chart overlay, which shows a history of surface temperature where your boat has been (a temperature sensor is required). Colour coding can also be used to show data, such as boat speed or wind speed, along your boat’s track with the Colored Track option. This update also includes new Search And Rescue features, along with various other feature and performance enhancements.

Software updates are also available for the S2009 and S2016 fish finders, S5100 sounder module, and StructureScan® 3D module – these updates enhance sonar functionality and performance.

Updates are available for download from the Support section of our website, or can be downloaded and installed directly to internet-connected multifunction displays.

NSS evo2 Software Update

Go5 XSE Software Update

Go7 XSE Software Update

Go9 XSE Softwrae Update

StructureScan 3D Software Update

SonarHub™ Software Update

S5100 Software Update

S2009 and S2016 Software Update