Simrad HS60 GPS Compass

Part # -000-12308-001

The Simrad HS60 GPS compass provides boaters with accurate heading and position data suitable for use with Simrad chartplotters, autopilots, radar, and AIS transponder systems. For applications such as autopilot, where precise heading information is required, the HS60 provides an all-in-one alternative to the traditional solution of a separate fluxgate compass and GPS receiver.

Key Features

  • Compass and GPS receiver in one
  • Tracks heading, position, heave, roll, and pitch
  • Suitable for use with Simrad autopilot systems
  • 2° RMS heading accuracy with dual internal GPS antennas
  • 1 m differential positioning accuracy (using SBAS – supports WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS & GAGAN)
  • 3 m positioning accuracy (GPS only)
  • Maintains an accurate heading for up to 3 minutes during GPS outages
  • Compact flush- or pole-mounted design
  • NMEA 2000® connectivity (NMEA 0183® optional)
Where To Buy

    The Simrad HS60 combines a high-speed 10 Hz, SBAS-compatible GPS receiver with integrated gyro and tilt sensors to provide smooth and accurate heading, position, heave, roll, and pitch information to Simrad chartplotters, autopilots, radar, and AIS systems.

    10 Hz GPS Receiver

    The HS60’s high-speed GPS receiver delivers accurate and reliable positioning, updated ten times every second for smooth tracking of fast-moving powerboats. Fast startup means you won’t get caught waiting for a position fix before you can get underway, with ‘hot start’ in less than a second and ‘cold start’ typically under a minute.

    Enhanced Positioning with SBAS

    With support for Satellite Based Augmentation Systems (SBAS) including WAAS (USA), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan) and GAGAN (India), the HS60 is able to use satellite-broadcast error correction data to deliver positional accuracy of up to 1 m RMS, 95% of the time. Simrad COAST™ technology means the HS60 can even continue to deliver enhanced accuracy for up to 40 minutes if SBAS signal is lost, using the last error correction data received.

    In areas or conditions where SBAS is unavailable, the HS60 delivers ‘single-point’ positioning with accuracy of up to 3 m RMS (95%). Actual accuracy experienced depends on environmental factors, the number of satellites in view, satellite geometry, and SBAS coverage where available.

    Accurate Heading with Dual GPS Antennas

    The HS60 includes two separate GPS antennas within its compact casing, which are used to calculate heading with an accuracy of 2° RMS – greater accuracy than a magnetic fluxgate compass, without the cost and ongoing maintenance of a gyrocompass. With its dual GPS antennas, the HS60 provides an accurate heading even when your vessel is stationary, with a typical heading fix in less than ten seconds.

    Integrated Gyro & Tilt Sensors

    Onboard gyro and tilt sensors deliver heave, roll, and pitch information; offer faster and smoother heading updates than GPS alone; and provide heading updates during any temporary loss of GPS signal. Using these sensors, the HS60 is able to provide an accurate heading for up to three minutes during GPS outages, with an accuracy loss of no more than two degrees per minute and quick reacquisition of position once the signal has been reacquired.

    Simple Installation with NMEA 2000® Connectivity

    The compact and lightweight HS60 is supplied as a standalone system including mounting accessories. With GPS receiver, gyro and tilt sensors, and all other electronics integrated into the IP69 water-resistant antenna enclosure, there is no ‘black box’ required below deck.

    The HS60 connects to Simrad autopilot systems, NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 chartplotter/multifunction displays, and other systems requiring a NMEA 2000®-connected compass or GPS. A single NMEA 2000® bus connection is required for both power and data, standard drop cable with 5-pin micro connector sold separately.


    Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
    Power Consumption 2.0 W nominal
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 8 to 36 VDC
    Grounding Isolated to enclosure


    Humidity 100% non-condensing
    Weight [kg] 0
    Product Width 129 mm / 5.1 in
    Product Depth 259 mm / 10.2 in
    Product Height 45 mm / 1.8 in


    Baud Rates 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200
    Correction I/O Protocol RTCM SC-104
    Data I/O Protocol NMEA 2000 (Optional NMEA 0183)
    Serial Ports 2 full-duplex RS232 or 1 NMEA 2000


    Compass Safe Distance [mm] 300


    Picth/Roll Angle

    GPS Navigation

    Rate of Turn 90°/s maximum
    Receiver Type GPS L1 Compass
    Heading Accuracy 2° RMS
    Heading Fix < 10s typical (valid position)

    Networking Connectors

    Connectors NMEA 2000 Connector: 5 Pin Male Micro Connector