Connected Vessel

We live in a connected world. From our homes, to our cars, to our boats, we’re surrounded by technology designed to help us achieve more, with greater ease, and in greater safety. Our connected vessel concept brings all of your on-board technologies and online services together behind a simple, intuitive interface.

Monitor and control every aspect of your on-water experience from a variety of customisable Simrad multifunction displays. Extend your vision and control anywhere on board using your existing smartphone or tablet. Safeguard your investment with the ability to track your boat’s position online, diagnose issues remotely, and even take control of key systems from anywhere in the world. This is the reality of today’s connected vessel.



Worldwide Monitoring and Control

Your boat is an investment in the on-water lifestyle that you love to enjoy. Remote monitoring solutions allow you to keep track of that investment from anywhere in the world using your choice of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite coverage. You can even take remote control of key systems, such as lights and bilge pumps, to help safeguard your vessel against unexpected conditions or just prepare for departure before you arrive on board.

See: Track 



Smartphone and Tablet Connectivity 

Mobile devices have become essential tools in the connected world. Smartphones and tablets serve as controllers for a wide range of devices; with a connected boat, they offer new ways to view and control Simrad multifunction displays remotely from anywhere on board.

Smartphones and tablets also serve as content hubs, giving us easy access to our music at home, in the car, or on the go. Aboard the connected boat it’s easy to stream music straight from your devices to your on-board entertainment system.

Connect your smartphone or tablet to your multifunction display by downloading the Link app on the Apple App Store or Google Play




Engine Management

Your engines are one of your most important systems, and often your largest single on-board investment. Our connected vessel concept integrates engine monitoring and management right into your Simrad display system, helping you to achieve maximum performance and fuel economy on every trip.

See: Engine Management and Networking






Digital Switching 

A connected vessel offers intuitive and fully integrated control of lights, pumps, and other on-board appliances. With a digital switching system, you can monitor and control your vessel’s electrical systems from any Simrad multifunction display. Switch individual circuits on or off with a touch and keep track of battery capacity, power draw, tank levels, and other key information.

See: Naviop Loop 





Audio Entertainment

You expect your car to include a high-quality audio system that’s safe and easy to use; you can expect the same of a connected boat. Simrad multifunction displays integrate seamlessly with a wide range of NMEA 2000® compatible audio systems, giving you full multi-zone control of music playback from any display on board.

See: Marine Audio




Connected Updates and Support

Today’s smartphones install regular updates over-the-air without the need for a separate PC; you can expect the same from a connected boat. We regularly release free software updates which deliver exciting new features, expanded accessory support, and enhanced performance. These updates can be installed on board via any Wi-Fi internet hotspot, making it easier than ever to keep your boat’s electronics up to date.

See: Software Downloads


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