BSM-1 Broadband Sounder

Part # 000-0132-05

This product is discontinued.

The BSM-1 brings together a very clean, low power signal, an adaptable pulse and an extremely sensitive linear receiver, resulting in superior clarity and fantastic echosounder imagery. No longer is power the measure of echosounder performance…

Key Features

  • Deep Water Penetration up to 3000ft (1000m)
  • Clearly Defined Structure
  • 'Whisper' Into The Water
  • Tri-Frequency
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Ethernet Connectivity

    • Deep Water Penetration

      BSM-1 has the capability to track the bottom and see structure in deep offshore terrain and canyons up to 3000ft (1000m).
    • Clearly Defined Structure

      The high-resolution linear receiver provides superior clarity in shallow and mid-water levels.
    • 'Whisper' Into The Water

      Exceptionally low power with efficient long pulses make this the perfect 'low noise' sounder.
    • Tri-Frequency

      Match the frequency with your fishing location: 200kHz for shallow waters, 50kHz for deep offshore and 83kHz for a blend of both.
    • Fully Waterproof

      Certified to IPX7 standard.
    • Ethernet Connectivity

      Connect to an NSS, NSE or NSO navigation system with ease.



    High Performance Echosounder (600/1 kW Transducers)

    Echosounder Max Depths

    1,000 m/ 3,000 ft

    Echosounder Transducers

    Transom Mount, ThruHull and InHull Options for 600 W/1 kW Transducers

    Echosounder Frequencies

    50 kHz / 83 kHz / 200kHz


    Product Width 180 mm / 7.1 in
    Product Height 57 mm / 2.2 in
    Product Weight 0.9 kg / 2 lbs
    Operating Temperature -28° to 75° C (-20° to 167° F)
    Water Resistance 1PX-7


    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 or 24 V DC (max range 9 V to 32 V DC)


    Cable BSM-1 includes an Ethernet adapter cable (Navico Yellow to RJ45) to integrate with GB40 or the Network Linker.
    Output Power [kW] 250 Watts RMS; 2 000 Watts (peak-to-peak)