NX45 NavStation

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This product is discontinued.

The Simrad NX40/45 is a rugged, highly integrated marine chartplotter and fishfinder. It is easy to use and has a high resolution color display. Complex functions can be performed with only a few key presses, taking the hard work out of boating.

The Simrad NX40 Navstations and Simrad NX45 NavStations can be standalone central systems or complete networks providing navigation information such as GPS chartplotter, radar, fishfinder and engine data on a single display. The ability to exchange information with external devices such as autopilots, AIS receivers, sailboat instruments, boat engines, video cameras and DVD player makes the NavStations extremely flexible.

High quality displays

The Simrad NX40 has an 8.4 inch displays and the Simrad NX45 has a 12.1 inch display. The high resolution TFT color displays with powerful backlight and bonding technology eliminates any possibility of condensation on the inside of the display glass and highly increases the contrast and viewing angle of the display making them sunlight viewable.

High performance chartplotter

The extremely fast chart redraw of the Simrad NX40 and Simrad NX45 makes it easy to plan sailing routes and view details at all chart scales. It also ensures a higher level of safety for dynamic and high speed cruising. The chart data can be upgraded to full regional detail, including port and land information, by adding an optional C-MAP NT MAX SD cartridge for your area.

Built in echosounder/fishfinder

The NavStations come with built in echosounder which makes the system a very cost effective fishfinder - all you have to add is a transducer. The echosounder automatically adjusts its transmit power to the connected 1 kW or 600 W transducer optimizing bottom and fish detection performance. Sail boaters who do not wish to utilize the built in echosounder for fishfinding can add Depth, Speed and Temperature functionality by adding the optional SimNet DTS800 or DT800 transducers.

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Key Features

  • Built-in Chartplotter
  • Built-in Fishfinder
  • 32MB of chart data
  • Radar and SimNet interface

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