Simrad GO7 Chartplotter / Multifunction Display

Part # 000-11830-001

This product is discontinued.

Enjoy your time on the water like never before with the Simrad GO7 chartplotter/multifunction display. The GO7 is an ideal fit aboard RIBs and sportboats, offering a range of functions from navigation, to engine monitoring, to control of your onboard sound system. Packed with features, this compact display brings together built-in GPS, proven Simrad depth- and fish-finding sonar technology, and GoFree wireless capability behind a simple yet highly customisable touchscreen interface.

Key Features

  • Easy to use multi-touch interface
  • Full-featured chartplotter with widest available cartography support
  • Simple waypoint management
  • 7-inch flush, flat or bracket mount display
  • Bright LED backlight for daylight viewing
  • High-speed 10 Hz GPS receiver
  • Powerboat/cruising navigation page
  • Broadband sonar with CHIRP
  • DownScan Imaging™
  • Built-in Wi-Fi functionality
  • GoFree™ cloud enabled
  • Easy system-wide software updates
  • NMEA 2000® compatible


    Easy to Use Multi-Touch Display
    The GO7 offers tablet-like ease-of-use with intuitive touchscreen controls including pinch-to-zoom, and similar operation to other popular Simrad multifunction displays. A clear menu layout with simple icons makes all functions and display screens quickly and easily accessible.

    Chartplotter Navigation & Waypoint Management
    The GO7 is a full-featured chartplotter, with support for the widest available range of cartography options including C-MAP® MAX-N, Navionics®, Insight®, Insight Genesis®, and NV Digital® Charts. Navigate confidently to destinations near and far, with the flexibility to choose charts that best fit your needs and location.

    Set and record those destinations easily with simple waypoint mangement: the GO7 makes it easy to mark waypoints with a touch, and assign meaningful names that make it easy to find your desired destination, whether you’ve mapped out ten or a thousand.



    Fully Customisable Interface
    The Simrad GO7 is fully customisable to suit your vessel and your favourite on-water activities. Customise your home screen with shortcuts to the features you use most, and personalise it with your choice of wallpaper. Adjustable split-screen views and customisable panel layouts let you see everything you need on-screen at once, whatever your activity.

    Built-in 10 Hz GPS receiver*
    With a high-speed GPS receiver updating your position ten times every second, the Simrad GO7 is ideally suited for use aboard fast-moving powerboats. Watch your boat’s movement tracked smoothly, accurately, and in real-time, without ‘jumping’ from point to point on the display.

    Unique Powerboat Navigation Page
    Designed with power boating in mind, the Simrad GO7 offers a unique power/cruising navigation page that brings together the most vital navigation information in a single, easily-readable display.




    NMEA 2000® Engine Monitoring & Instrumentation
    The Simrad GO7 connects to any NMEA 2000®-capable equipment aboard your vessel including outboard and inboard engines; fuel level and flow meters; speed, heading, and water temperature sensors; and much more. Create your own custom digital instrument displays, bringing a wealth of information to even the most crowded dash while keeping a clean look with as few gauges as possible.

    Watch Your Depth with Built-in Sonar
    Knowing the true depth beneath your hull can help you enjoy your time on the water with fewer worries, and makes it easier to locate suitable anchorages in unfamiliar waters. With the Simrad GO7's built-in sonar, just add one of our HDI transducers (sold separately or as a bundle) for accurate, real-time depth tracking. A scrollable depth history view lets you track back and easily set waypoints for promising anchorages, while DownScan Imaging™ offers a picture-like view of the bottom beneath your vessel.

    Find fish with CHIRP & DownScan Imaging™
    Whether fishing is your life or just a casual hobby, any fishing trip will benefit from the Simrad GO7’s built-in sonar technology. Add a suitable transducer (sold separately or as a bundle) and the Simrad GO7 works as a powerful fishfinder, with CHIRP-enabled broadband sonar for clear detection of fish throughout the water column. With one of our HDI transducers, the Simrad GO7 also offers DownScan Imaging™ for a picture-like view of fish-holding structure beneath your vessel.



    Simrad SonicHub®2 & Bluetooth Audio Integration

    If music is a key part of your on-water experience, our SonicHub®2 marine audio system is the perfect companion to the Simrad GO7 display. Offering Bluetooth streaming from tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices, built-in AM/FM radio, plus music playback from USB flash drives, SonicHub®2 brings complete control of your audio entertainment to your GO7 display for a clean and integrated helm.

    GoFree cloud enabled with Built-in Wi-Fi

    With Wi-Fi built in, the Simrad GO7 provides direct access to our GoFree cloud services for simple and convenient wireless map downloads, software updates, and more. Whether on your home Wi-Fi with your boat trailered in the driveway, your marina’s Wi-Fi, or tethered to your smartphone out on the lake, you can access GoFree cloud services anywhere you have an internet connection. On the water, GoFree connects the Simrad GO7 to your mobile devices, mirroring your display’s screen on your smartphone and giving you full remote control from your tablet with the free GoFree Controller app.

    Easy System-Wide Software Updates

    Driven by our strong commitments to quality and innovation, we regularly release free software updates to enhance the capabilities of Simrad displays, expansion modules and accessories. GoFree™ wireless capabilities make it easy to keep your entire Simrad system up to date, automatically downloading and installing the latest software not only for your display but for all compatible Simrad modules on your boat’s NMEA 2000® network.


    * The GO7's built-in GPS receiver works in any bracket-mount installation, and when flush-mounted with most fibreglass hulls. When flush-mounted in a metal hulled vessel, an external GPS receiver such as the Simrad GS25 may be required.


    Display Type WVGA Colour TFT LCD
    Display Size 7-inch Widescreen
    Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 800 x 480
    Backlighting Levels LED / 1200 nits


    Other Features Chart Card Slot: microSD ; Waypoint Storage: 10,000 points total combined waypoints / route points
    Languages 31

    GPS Navigation

    GPS Antenna Type 10 Hz built-in GPS


    Operating Temperature -15 °C to +55 °C (5 °F to 131 °F)
    Waterproof Standard/rating IPx7
    Product Width 200 mm / 7.87 in
    Product Depth 70 mm / 2.76 in
    Product Height 143 mm / 5.63 in


    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 10-17 V DC

    Networking Connectors

    NMEA Output NMEA 2000 - 1 port