StructureScan™ Imaging Module

Part # 000-10238-001

This product is discontinued.

StructureScan is the perfect tool to find more fish, search for interesting dive spots or simply to understand exactly what's below your boat with picture perfect imagery at depths of up to 100m.

Key Features

  • DownScan™ Imaging
  • SideScan Imaging
  • TrackBack™
  • Downscan Overlay
  • Colour Palette Options
  • Ethernet Connectivity
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Replacements product(s)

    • DownScan™ Imaging

      Add a new dimension to echosounding. This high frequency imaging gives a life-like representation of the water column, the bottom and any structure. See fish, rocks, weeds and wrecks.
    • SideScan Imaging

      See a panoramic view of the boat's echo history. Scan the water and bottom from both sides of the boat for a unique perspective, to locate targets faster.
    • TrackBack™

      Scroll back through the echosounder history to mark fish or structure that you just passed over, so that you can easily navigate back.
    • Downscan Overlay

      Exclusive technology allows you to overlay DownScan imaging onto Broadband Sounder™ on the same display to clearly separate fish from structure.
    • Colour Palette Options

      Adjust transparency and colour to locate targets more easily.
    • Ethernet Connectivity

      Connect to an NSS, NSE or NSO navigation system with ease.


    Power Consumption Max: .75A, Typical: .60A, Inrush: 4.7A pk
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12V (Voltage input: 10V - 17V) vDC

    Networking Connectors

    Connectors Three Ethernet ports with a built in 10/100 Ethernet switch


    Cable 20 feet (6m) to Transducer
    Other Features Sidescan Specifications: Max Range: 455kHz (500ft — 250 per side) 800kHz (300ft —150 per side) Max Speed: 30 Knots Mark objects: 13 Knots Optimum speed: 8 Knots or less Downscan Specifications: Max Depth: 100 ft (800kHz); 300 ft (455kHz) Max Speed: 47


    EchoSounder Frequencies 455kHz and 800kHz kHz
    EchoSounder Output Power Max WRMS: 500W, WPK: 4000W W


    Product Length [mm] 210
    Product Width [mm] 191
    Product Height [mm] 58
    Weight [kg] 1
    Product Width 191.4 mm / 7.5 in
    Product Height 57.7 mm / 2.3 in
    Product Weight .82 kg / 1.8 lb


    Echosounder Max Depths

    1,000 m/3,000 ft

    Echosounder Transducers

    Transom Mount, ThruHull & InHull Options for 600/1 kW Transducers

    Echosounder Frequencies

    50 kHz/83 kHz/200 kHz


    High Performance Echosounder (600/1 kW Transducers)

    • LSS-1 StructureScan module
    • Stainless steel transom-mount transducer bracket
    • 4.6m (15ft) Ethernet network cable
    • 12v DC power cable
    • Installation and operation instructions