R599LH Depth Transducer

Part # R599LH

The R599LH is an in-hull CHIRP transducer, ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels. This dual-channel transducer combines Low CHIRP frequencies to accurately track the bottom in deep water, and High CHIRP for great resolution in shallower water. 

Key Features

  • 28-60 kHz Low CHIRP with 23-9° beam width
  • 130-210 kHz High CHIRP with 8-4° beam width
  • Up to 1200 m (4000 ft) range with Low CHIRP
  • Narrow High CHIRP is great at pinpointing structure in shallower water
  • 25 internal broadband ceramics
  • In-hull (same shape and size as CM599 and CM199, can retrofit to existing R299 tanks)
  • Suitable for solid fiberglass hulls only
  • Ideal for sportfishing and commercial vessels
  • Recommended for use with the BSM-3 broadband sounder module
Where To Buy

    Dual Channel CHIRP

    Using pulsed transmissions swept across a range of frequencies, CHIRP technology delivers target resolution and depth penetration superior to traditional single-frequency sonar. This dual-channel CHIRP transducer operates in the 28-60 kHz Low CHIRP frequency range with a 23-9° beam width, and the 130-210 kHz High CHIRP frequency range with a 8-4° beam width. With Low CHIRP, the R599LH provides an operating depth of up to 1200 m (4000 ft).


    The R599LH is suitable for in-hull mounting in solid fiberglass hulls only. In-hull or “shoot-thru-hull” transducers don’t require a hole to be drilled in your boat’s hull for installation, and offer good high-speed performance and ease of maintenance, but reduced maximum depth and fishfinding performance versus thru-hull, transom, or other in-water installations.

    Calculate the beamwidth for this transducer

    R599LHFrequencyCone AngleBeamwidth
    130 kHz  
    210 kHz  
    28 kHz 23°  
    60 kHz  
    Depth: Update
    NB: depending on the strength of your transducer pulse