AP70 Autopilot Software Update

RELEASE DATE: 2nd July 2014

We are pleased to announce the RTM2 software update for AP70.

New features in this release are:

  • Interface to CANbus steering system (i.e. Volvo IPS) via SG05 PRO
  • Track Offset feature
    Enter a desired XTD offset either + or – to steer parallel to the track. Available in NAV mode only.
  • Pendulum Ferry Feature
    For Ferries that have an interchangeable bow & stern, a 180 degree heading offset can be selected, enabling either end to be configured as the bow.
  • S-turn pattern
    By activating S-turns, the vessel will begin to yaw around its main course. Adjustable angle and radius.
  • Minimum rudder setting
    A useful setting for vessels with a tendency of not responding to small rudder commands around (dynamic) rudder centre position. Typical for single water jets or due to whirls/disturbance of the water-stream passing the rudder.
  • Toe angle setting
    Sets the fixed angle deviation between the rudders, which will enhance rudder efficiency at small rudder commands around center position and reduce vibration and/or propeller/water jet noise.  Toe angle is only available if the vessel has 2 rudders setup as independent drive units.
  • Expanded NMEA0183 Interface support (SI80 Signal Interface)
    Added following sentences: AAM, BOD, BWC, DPT GLL, HTD, TNT (Proprietary track control)
  • Multi Language Support
    AP70 now supports following languages:
    English (US) English (UK) German
    Dutch Norwegian Swedish
    French Italian Latvian
    Spanish Estonian Lithuanian
    Polish Slovakian Croatian
    Turkish Greek Hungarian
    Russian Portuguese (BR) Chinese Traditional
    Chinese Simplified    
  • Activating FU on AP70Control unit
    It is now required to press and hold the rotary knob (1.5 sec) to activate FU mode.

Improvements made in this release

  • AC70: False Drive engage overload alarm
    Would alarm even with very low load
  • AC70: Port and Stbd solenoid output activated simultaneously at switch on
    Could cause rudder to move to one side if solenoid valve is mechanically unbalanced
  • AC70: System select was not working from software version
  • AC70/SD80/AD80: Added “noise filter” to Rudder feedback (frequency) input and improved signal reading/handling to avoid false “Rudder data missing”.

Update applies to AP70


Version v1.2
Release Date 2nd July 2014
File Size 99.6MB
File Format UPD