BSM-3 Software Update

RELEASE DATE: January 2016

We are pleased to announce a free software update for the BSM-2 and BSM-3 Broadband Sounders. The new software, Version 3.8.0, corrects several known issues and further improves the performance of the module.

Fixes and improvements:

  • Invalid temperature readings from Airmar® transducers
  • Digital depth locking onto surface clutter
  • Difficulty reacquiring digital bottom lock
  • Sonar settings loss after power cycle
  • Add support for networked keel offset.

To install the update:

  • Save the software update to a SD/microSD card
  • Insert the SD/microSD card into the card slot on your multifunction display
  • Press the Pages key and select Files
  • Select your SD/microSD card (Memory card)
  • Select the desired update
  • Select Upgrade, and a dialog will appear with a list of installed BSM modules
  • Select the receiver you want to upgrade
  • Select Start Upgrade.


Update applies to BSM-3

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Version 3.8.0
Release Date January 2016
File Size 301KB
File Format .riw