Broadband 3G Radar Software for NX40/45

RELEASE DATE: 5th September 2011

3G is now enabled to run on *Simrad NX40/NX45 multifunction displays

  • 3G Radar now has the ability to be upgraded from an NX display.
  • 3.0.21 does not allow the 3G to be upgraded via NX displays
  • Software Upgrade protection
    Protection from older BR24 software being applied to 3G and causing potential crashes
  • 3.0.21 will fail if older BR24 software is applied. 3G is different hardware so is incompatible with BR24 software; however initial protection was not provided.
  • 3.0.25 will protect the 3G radar from this scenario and any upgrade attempt will be aborted.

NOTE: Please do not attempt to apply BR24 software to 3G radars

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Version 3.0.25
Release Date Sept. 5 2011
File Size 4.3 MB
File Format zip