HD Digital Radar Software

New Software for HD Radar Processors

  • 6 kW Processor 000-12591-001
  • 10 kW Processor 000-12592-001
  • 25 kW Processor 000-12593-001

We are pleased to announce new software for the Simrad range of HD radars. This software is for the Radar processor box of the 6,10 and 25 kW radars.

The software is only compatible with processor boxes with the WinCE 5.0 operating system. The compatible processor part numbers are listed above. It is also compatible with older processor boxes, including the 2kW 4 kW units that have been returned to Navico for upgrade to the WinCE operating system.


  • MARPA: vector stability has been improved.
  • MARPA: large vessel tracking has been fixed.
  • MARPA: improved tracking performance, making the tracker capable of tracking vessels with sudden turns.
  • MARPA: handling targets with wakes and/or noise has been improved.
  • MARPA: improved the handling of target swap scenarios such as when a tracked vessel passes close to a marker buoy

  • Fixed magnetron hours counter for 4,6,10,25 kW radars (2kW does not support it at all).
  • Fixed radar settings intermittent retention issue.
  • Fixed a  64NM scaling problem.
  • Fixed GPS data receiving problem
  • Fixed auto/fine/coarse tune issue (added persistence tune settings)

Note: Systems with NSSevo2 or NSO evo2, please upgrade these displays with the latest software as of February 2017 (>56.1.142) before upgrading the radar.

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Version 1.8.340
Release Date July 2018
File Size 1.3 MB
File Format .riw