Halo Radar Software Upgrade

RELEASE DATE: August 2018

We are pleased to announce a new software version for the Halo radar pedestal. This new version is and supersedes

There was a problem reported with a very small number of Halo Radars where the radar targets were painted with some range distortion. This was found to be a timing issue and this software release resolves the issue.

New Feature: Velocity Track
VelocityTrack™ technology provides instant visual feedback on the motion of radar targets in relation to your boat. This powerful add-on offers yet another way for Halo™ radar to improve your situational awareness and reduce your risk of collision. Using the Doppler effect, the VelocityTrack™ feature is able to detect motion on the first radar sweep for a useful view straight from standby. This feature is available for any new or existing Halo™ radar system via the purchase of a one-time unlock code. Radar system requires a heading sensor with 10 Hz output or greater.

Key Features

  • Greater situational awareness to help reduce your risk of collision
  • Instantly identify how radar targets are moving in relation to your boat
  • Automatic colour coding highlights approaching targets
  • Optional colour coding de-emphasises diverging targets
  • Detect motion from the first radar sweep
  • Compatible with all Halo™ radar models and NSS evo2/3, NSO evo2/3 displays, and R2009/R3016 standalone radar displays.

Purchasing a feature unlock

Unlock codes can be purchased from the GoFree Shop website. You will need a GoFree Shop account and a Request Code generated by your MFD.

To generate a request code on the MFD Select HOME>Settings>Feature Unlock. Follow the onscreen prompts.

Velocity track can also be purchased from your local dealer. 

Velocity track feature unlock requires the MFD to have software 57.1.207 or higher and the Halo radar pedestal to have this version or higher.



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Version Radar:
Release Date October 2018
File Size 25.3MB
File Format .riw