MO Monitor Software Update

RELEASE DATE: 30th July 2015

Simrad® is pleased to announce that new software has been released for the MO range of widescreen monitors. This release incorporates some important improvements.

The software upgrade is comprised of two upgrade files:

  • One is for the BIOS or MCU (main control unit)
  • The other is a FSU (Full System Update) which contains all three software components to update the Boot Loader, MCU and OSD (On Screen Display).

The two files MUST be installed in sequential order.

First: MO16 19 24 - MCU 1_4_02_00.swup
Second: MO16 19 24 - FSU 1_0_03_00.swup

The two files are contained in one .Zip file called, which must be unzipped before the software update can be applied.


Touch control. (MOxx-T models)
Improvements have been made to the serial touch control to address reported issues of low sensitivity, intermittent touch, touch not working at startup, or taking a long time to become active.

Resolves an issue where the monitors alarm buzzer continues to sound after the NSO has been powered off.

Brightness control
This software will resolve backlight dimming issues experienced by some users.

MO Monitor

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Version MCU 1.4 and FSU 1.0
Release Date 30th July 2015
File Size 2.1MB
File Format .swup (once unzipped)