NAC-3 Software Update

The following changes have been made to NAC-3 Autopilot Computers:

Software changes

  • No AP Computer Alarms
    A fix for “No AP Computer Alarms” -- as seen occasionally on large NMEA 2000® networks -- has been implemented.
  • No Drift in Southern Hemisphere
    Some vessels have not been able to use "No Drift" mode in the southern hemisphere. The issue has been located, fixed and verified.
  • N2K Serial number. The N2K serial number will now match the sticker.
  • Dock & Go mode selection fixed


Not all installations will require this upgrade, please upgrade units if issues are experienced.

Software upgrade can be done from AP44/48 and IS42 using USB, MFD using the SD or microSD card slot, or by using the ST10 and swup tool software.

Download Software


Version 1.0.03
Release Date Sept 2017
File Size 1.04MB
File Format .swup