NSS evo2 Software Update

We are pleased to announce new software for the Simrad® NSO evo2 processor and NSS evo2 range of multifunction displays. This major release incorporates some great new features and improvements including:

  • Control bars for quick Autopilot, Audio adjustment
  • Color Tracks based on data
  • Water temperature HeatMap overlay on the chart 
  • New Feature Unlock. Enhanced features available from the GoFree shop
  • Support for Search and Rescue operations

This software and release notes can be downloaded from the download page on the Simrad-yachting website.

New Features

Control bars:

The controls for a connected Autopilot or Audio server are now accessed from the new control bar located on the left hand of the screen. 

Selecting the Autopilot control button will expand to reveal Autopilot controller, showing the active mode, heading, rudder and various steering information depending on active autopilot mode. 

Selecting the Audio control button will expand to reveal the new Audio Controller

Color Tracks based on data

The system can now dynamically change the color of a tack based on a source of data.

Track color can be based on the following data sources (if available):-

  • SOG (Boat Speed over ground)
  • STW (Boat speed though water)
  • TWS (True wind speed)
  • AWS (Apparent Wind Speed)    

The value at the cursor position along a color track is shown in the cursor details box

Water temperature HeatMap

Heat map is a new Chart Overlay that shows a history of the sea surface temperature where the boat has been.

The sea temperature history is shown as a colored line where the boat has been.

Note: A sea temperature sensor is required and set as a source of Sea Temp in the network settings.

Feature unlock

Additional functionality and features can now be purchased and can be unlocked on the Multifunction Display using the new Feature Unlock menu item under Settings. (This is only visible when a compatible device is connected)


A more intuitive way to enable to transition from Single Source echosounder (formally referred to as Legacy mode) to Multi-Source echosounder mode has been implemented.

  • Rotary knob push  to toggle between settings such as Gain on Sonar and Radar has been fixed
  • East/West identifier missing from WPTs when cord sys is set to Degrees / Minutes / Seconds
  • Dock to Dock outside of the USA:  A fix has been implemented for the feature not working on some units with certain Navionics charts in Europe.
  • Dock to Dock and Autorouting on units sold out side the USA:  This feature is now Geo-fenced to NOT to work within U.S. Waters
  • In a system with BSM3 and NSS / NSO evo2. After upgrading NSS evo2 to NOS56, the depth offset is not retained in the BSM3 when the BSM3 is power cycled
  • High voltage alarm: Some customers have reported High Voltage alarms even though the vessels voltage is normal.
  • A power control fix has been implemented to work with Fusion MS-BB300 radios.
  • Fix so that the  RI12 bootloader module can be updated.  There was an issue in the previous NOS56 MFD software that prevented the bootloader updater from running
  • Screen shot files are now named using the Date and Time. The new file name format is “Screenshot_2017-07-06_05.01.12.png”. The file used to be named “shot001.png”
  • An enhancement to some of the sonar palettes over the previous release 57.1.207. Changes to palettes two – five, enhance the targets while reducing noise and clutter.

Simrad NSS

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Version 5.0-57.1.219
Release Date Sept 2017
File Size 135 MB
File Format upd