Precision-9 Software Update

We are pleased to announce a software upgrade to the Precision-9 Compass.


New Features

Automatic Calibration  

  • Precision-9 now offers continual automatic calibration. The Precision-9 continuously gathers new calibration data and compares it with the current stored calibration, if the new calibration data exceeds a certain performance threshold, the new data will be used.

Heave Output

  • Precision-9 now offers standard NMEA2000 Heave PGN127252. Precision-9 Heave output will be utilized by other Simrad products in future software releases.


Technical Details for Compass Calibration

For Precision-9, there are two sets of calibration parameters at all times. Those are the user calibration parameters, and the auto calibration parameters which is introduced by this feature. To control which is used, a set of modes for the auto calibration is available for the user with a Navico MFD.

The different modes are:

  • Auto calibration off
  • Auto calibration on
  • Auto calibration locked
  • Auto calibration auto

Auto calibration off:

The compass uses the available user calibration parameters in the calculation of the heading. The auto calibrator still gathers data and calculates new auto calibration parameters. These parameters cannot be put to action until another mode is selected. The result will be a new 20-minute phasing of the parameters.

Auto calibration on:

The standard auto calibration mode. At all times new data is gathered and continuously compared to the current auto calibration parameters in use. New parameters are only applied when the performance level is over a certain threshold.

Auto calibration locked:

The mode where the auto calibration parameters are not changed.

When the user is satisfied with the performance of the compass heading, they can put the auto calibration mode to auto locked. Still, data is gathered and the data is always compared to the current calibration parameters to update status and warning, but the parameters will never be changed.

This makes this mode suitable for vessels operating in a small geographical area with no big variation in the local magnetic field.

Auto calibration auto:

The auto calibrator will change the parameters if the existing parameters are classified to be not valid due to changes in magnetic field and the new parameters are proven to be better. Once the performance of the parameters is classified as valid, the auto calibrator doesn’t bother to update new parameters, but will continue to gather data and calculate new parameters should the existing parameters performance drop and be classified as not valid. This is also put as the default state from factory.

Calibration Instructions:

How to handle the calibration and setup is described in the Precision-9 Compass Installation Guide. 

For the AP24/28 autopilots the calibration is done as usual with old compass. But when entering calibration you do not have to start calibration. It will start at once entering this menu. After rotating the compass/boat 390deg it will come up and indicate if it went OK or not.

Upgrade Instructions:

New software can be found on the SIMRAD, LOWRANCE and B&G websites

  1. Ensure all MFD’s are turned off, other than the MFD you are using to complete the upgrade.  
  2. Copy the SWUP file (Precision-9 2_0_00_00.swup) to a micro SD card.
  3. Insert the card into MFD.
  4. Go to the home screen on the MFD, and select Files.
  5. Select the memory card that contains the update
  6. Access the card and select the upgrade file ( and not as indicated on screenshot under).
  7. Select Upgrade, (if the screenshot below does not appear, use the “Show All” button) and manually select the Precision-9 for upgrade - this is only relevant for older MFD software versions).
  8. The Precision-9 should be automatically selected. Press Start Upgrade. 
  9. When the progress indicator reaches 100%, the Upgrade Complete dialog will appear.
  10. At this stage, wait 5 seconds before completing any other action. Your upgrade is complete.


Note: If using a PC and the ST10 tool to complete the update, ensure all MFD’s on the network are turned off.

Note: If you discover a Precision-9 that has stopped outputting heading and is not showing up in a NMEA 2000 device list, it will need to be replaced by following the usual Navico warranty process.  This can be caused by a power interruption during upgrade from

Download Software


Release Date Oct 2016
File Size 128 KB
File Format .swup (when unzipped)