R2009 and R3016 Software Update

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for Simrad R2009 and R3016 Radar displays. This major release offers some exciting new features, and improved radar operation capability.

Please ensure that other MFD’s and Sonar modules are upgraded to latest software version as well to provide compatibility across your network. If used with a Halo Radar, please ensure that the Halo radar is upgraded to V5.3.1.x to ensure compatibility with the new Velocity Track feature.

New Features 

  • Introduced the Red multi color palette as shown in the screen shot below:

  • Velocity Track – When used with a Halo Radar, Velocity Track provides instant visual feedback on the motion of targets in relation to your boat. This powerful add on improves situational awareness and reduces collision risk. 

Using the Doppler Effect, velocity track colors moving targets depending whether they are approaching or diverging as shown in the screen shot below:

Approaching targets are coloured yellow and diverging targets are coloured blue in the above image. This feature is available for any new or existing Halo radar system (V5.3.1.x) via the purchase of a one-time unlock code.

  • The R3016 Control Unit is now supporting the SRT 12U/6X radar transceivers in addition to 3G, 4G, HD and HALO.
  • Dynamic building of the user interface, soft-keys and menu structure based on the type of radar sensor source selected.
  • Removed alerts related to unselected sensor data sources. The R2009/R3016 can now present alerts only based on the sensor configuration specified in the setting menu. Restricted basic radar operations can now be possible without sensor inputs (i.e. position, heading, speed and AIS) and without uncomfortable repeated alerts.
  • The following professional IMO features can now be user selectable from the settings> advanced features menu:

- Parallel Index Lines

- User drawn Maps

- Adjustable brilliance for individual panel items

- Auto drift speed source

These features are disabled by default. When a feature is disabled, the option is removed from the menu structure.

Key bug fixes/improvements:

  • Improved heading selection when coupled with 3G & 4G radars.
  • Improved range rings visibility.

To upgrade the software:

  • Download the software file
  • Copy the file into the root directory of an SD Card (do not place the file into a folder on the card).
  • With the R2009 or R3016 turned off, insert the SD card into the card reader of the Radar display.
  • Turn on the Radar and the update will be applied automatically.


Version 1.0.4
Release Date Oct 2017
File Size 91 MB
File Format upd