RS35 / HS35 Software Update

New software for the RS35 VHF radio is now available. This software improves NMEA 2000® communication and resolves an issue with Heading source selection.

RS35 upgrade process requires two steps:

1. Upgrade Radio software (Using a Simrad® MFD)

2. Upgrade 2.4G Module (Using the Radio).

Upgrading Radio Software: 

1. Download the software and unzip the file. Save the RS35 SWUP file to a microSD card. 

2. Insert the microSD card into the card reader on your Simrad MFD and select the Files menu from the Home screen. 

3. Select the RS35 software.

4. Select Upgrade

5. Ensure the RS35 Radio is powered on and select Start Upgrade.

6. The Upgrade will start and a progress bar will update until the upgrade is completed. 

7. When the Upgrade Complete dialog appears, select OK and restart the radio.

8. The radio software upgrade is now complete. Now you need to upgrade the wireless module in the radio. 

Internal 2.4G Wireless Module upgrade instructions: 

The HS35 wireless handset doesn’t need to be updated to V2.91 to operate correctly with the RS35.

If you want to update HS35 software you must return the HS35 to a Navico authorized dealer®.It cannot be updated in the field.

Download Software


Version v2.91
Release Date November 2016
File Size 1,554 KB
File Format zip