S2009 & S2016 Software Update

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for Simrad S2009 and S2016 Fish Finder displays. This minor release provides an enhancement to some of the sonar palettes on the previous release V 1.3-57.1.207. The changes to palettes 2 – 5 enhance the targets while reducing noise and clutter.

Upgrade process

  • Download the software .upd file
  • Copy the file into the root directory of an SD Card (do not place the file into a folder on the card)
  • With the S2009 or S2016 turned off, insert the SD card into the card reader of the fishfinder
  • Turn on the fishfinder and the update will be automatically applied

Download Instructions/Support Material

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Version 1.3-57.1.219
Release Date Oct 2017
File Size 107 MB
File Format upd