SonarHub™ software update

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest software update for S5100, Sonar Hub and Structure Scan 3D. This release provides some improvements for the S5100 and a few minor bug fixes for all units. The software upgrade is recommended to align the sonar black boxes with the latest software upgrades for Simrad S2009, S2016, and Simrad MFD’s.   


  • Improvement to the depth search and bottom tracking. This reduces the chance of locking on to shallow depths due to surface clutter. A deep search is forced when the unit is locked on a shallow depth value.
  • Synchornised pinging between all the channels on the sonar up to 400m. This removes the effect of a phantom bottom when viewing 2 channels and one channel is not rangesd out to view the bottom.

To upgrade the software:

  • Download the software file and save to a micro SD card.
  • Insert the micro SD card into the card slot on the MFD and from the home screen select Files.

  • Choose the upgrade file from the micro SD card and select Upgrade. 

  • Make sure that the relevant item is shown and check the tick box, then select “Start upgrade”. 

  • Allow the upgrade to process until the message “Upgrade Complete: Rebooting module” is displayed. Please note that it can take about 3 minutes to reboot the module after the upgrade. During this time you will see “No Source” displayed on the Sonar screen, so do not power down until the unit has re-booted and you have a valid source available for the Fish Finder. 

  • Please note that the instructions shown are for S5100, however the Sonar Hub and Structure Scan 3D are upgraded in the same fashion by selecting their relevant software files.


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Version 7.0-58.1.94
Release Date Nov 2017
File Size 25 MB
File Format riw