WM-3 Weather Module Software Update

WM-3 ModuleThe latest software update for the WM-3 Weather Module (wm-3-uprev3.wpd) adds the following features:

  • High-resolution, sea-surface temperatures up to a 24 nautical mile coastal limit (including the Great Lakes)
  • High-resolution coastal and Great Lakes wave data (height, period and direction) with forecasts up to a 24 nautical mile coastal limit
  • High-resolution wind speed and direction with forecasts
  • NOWrad merged with Southern Canada, the Bahamas and Mexico radar
  • Sea-surface temperatures and waves available through Mexico to the top of South America
  • Canadian Marine Zone forecasts – complete from Alaska and down Pacific Coast
  • Surface features forecasts with isobars and weather front symbols
  • Cloud top images and echo tops
  • Require SiriusXM® subscription (where available)

Note: You also must upgrade your Simrad NSS evo2 and/or NSO evo2 display with the latest software to access these new WM-3 Weather features.

To install the update:

  • Save the software update (below) to a SD/microSD card.
  • Insert the SD/microSD card into the card slot on your multifunction display
  • Press the Pages key and select Files
  • Select your SD/microSD card (Memory card)
  • Select wm-3-uprev3.wpd
  • Select Upgrade, and a list of SiriusXM® Weather receivers will appear
  • Select the receiver you want to upgrade
  • Select Start Upgrade

Download Software


Version 3
Release Date Dec 15, 2015
File Size 550Kb
File Format wpd