Back to basics

July 11, 2018

Luke Ryan enjoyed a relaxed morning out on the water recently, which resulted in some nice fish and a good feed - what more could you ask for?

We have had a few storms and a fair amount of large swell lately over here in the west, which has limited the amount of time I have been able to get out on the water. In between the average weather we have had a handful of days with some nice weather where I have been able to make the most of it.I have been mainly concentrating on local inshore fishing out from Perth in search of snapper, dhufish and Samson fish. At this time of the year, snapper and dhufish tend to push in close to shore on the shallow inner reefs. Anchoring and burleying is one of the most common forms of techniques used to lure fish into your baits.

I recently had a rather relaxed day out which turned out to be a great morning fishing, keeping everything fairly simple. We headed out fairly early in search of some snapper to start the morning off, after persisting with a raging northerly current and putting up with consistent snagging lines we opted to find some sambos.

Arriving at one of my consistent sambo spots we immediately found fish on the ground and it didn’t take long before we started hooking some fish. Using a combination of soft plastics and live baits we landed a couple of fish, nothing huge but still good fun on the light tackle. Whilst fishing a live herring on my 4kg outfit I hooked into a fairly decent fish that put up a reasonable fight. I was targeting sambos for points in line class fishing but I was pleasantly surprized when a nice dhufish surfaced.

Moving around to a couple of spots we managed to capture some decent sized blue spot flathead and encountered some reasonable skippy which were all caught on soft plastics. By midday it was time to make the call to head in but there was some burley to get rid of so we decided to try one last spot for half an hour.

Dumping a heap of burley over the side, we had a school of small snapper surround the boat attacking each bait that was put out. A lot of the fish were small however I still managed to pick up a just legal fish on a soft plastic.

A great relaxed morning out on the water which ended up with a nice feed, what more could you ask for?


Luke uses an NSS-12 evo3, S5100 and TM275LH-W transducer.