Boat Electronics Upgrade

May 15, 2017

Last year, I my boat broken into and my electronics were pilfered. It was a real bummer and took me off the water for a couple months while I waited for insurance and repairs. Whilst waiting for the repairs to take place, I also decided it was time to repower my vessel with a new Mercury Verado 300hp which is completely networked into my Simrad system.

The networking between the two brands is flawless, at first I was considering running a VesselView screen separate to my NSS units but decided on going for the VesselView Link and I am very glad I did. All the engine data is transferred to my Simrad screens and can either be worked into the displayed data bars or hidden out of sight. Being able to have the Verado linked into my system has kept my dash looking super clean and uncluttered. The VesselView also allows you to take control of the engine with cruise control, troll mode and launch control, super cool features that are easy to use.

Boat Electronics Upgrade

During the repair period, I decided to give the dash a bit of a clean-up and also upgraded the system with the latest and greatest gadgets. Some of the new equipment included the following: Precision-9 Compass, BSM3 Module, B175L & B175HW transducers and Structure scan 3D. A lot of my wiring behind the dash was also cleaned up.

I run a full Simrad autopilot system which worked outstandingly prior to the upgrade. Since installing the new Precision-9 compass, I found the autopilot system worked even better. The Simrad autopilot is so simple to use, there is no way I could have another boat without it. In the rough conditions it is able to hold you dead on course keeping the lures in the prime water for longer. This is hands down one tool that if you do a lot of game fishing you need to have it!

The upgrade to the BSM3 module and CHIRP transducers also made a big difference to what I was seeing displayed on the NSS units. The imaging was a lot clearer making it much easier to distinguish what fish we were looking at, we also tagged a couple marlin after spotting them on the sounder. Playing around with the settings I managed to easily tune the units to show me what I needed to see.

Finding the Fish that You’re Looking For

We had a week for some fun fishing around the islands and a little more marlin fishing. I really got to test out the new sounding equipment while jigging and throwing soft plastics around in the shallows, I was blown away by the quality of the imaging that was being displayed. The imaging was actually so good that I am a little disappointed I didn’t make the upgrade sooner. Easily being able to tell the difference between bait and quality fish defiantly helped us put more fish in the esky.

Overall we had a fantastic trip, the boat and all the equipment on it worked flawlessly and proves to me exactly why I choose to use Simrad electronics. 

Luke Ryan, Australia