Beyond an accurate and precise source of heading information, Simrad compass modules can provide a variety of other crucial data to your chartplotter, autopilot, and other on-board systems. A single unit can also provide rate-of-turn information, motion data, and even GPS location.

  • Rate compasses provide both heading and rate-of-turn information used by autopilot systems.
  • The Precision-9 compass uses solid-state orientation and motion sensors to calculate a precise heading, while also supplying rate-of-turn information to autopilot systems.
  • GPS compasses combine two separate GPS receivers to calculate a precise heading while also calculating position, eliminating the need for a separate GPS receiver.
  • The Simrad HS60 and HS70 output motion data required to provide vertical heave compensation on select sonar units, along with rate-of-turn information for autopilots.